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Paolo Bea

Paolo Bea Santa Chiara Umbria Bianco IGT 2014 750ml


About Paolo Bea

Founded more than 400 years ago, Paolo Bea dedicates itself to indigenous Umbrian grapes —Grechetto, Malvasia, Gargenega and Trebbiano for its whites, and... Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Sagrantino for its reds. The family-owned-and-operated Bea estate has long been a standard bearer of the Italian Slow Food Movement, and its motto is "Nature should be observed, listened to and integrated, not dominated. Wine is not made by man but generated by nature!" Because of this dedication to natural viniculture and viticulture, Bea’s team nurtures its grapes with organic, non-interventionist agriculture, and it continues that reliance on nature in the cellar, crafting its wines without temperature control and without any additives, yeasts, fining or filtration. The septuagenarian Paolo Bea is still the guiding force behind the estate, and he shares his traditional approach with his two sons: Giuseppe farms the vineyards, and Giampiero, current president of the Italian natural wine society Viniveri, heads up the winemaking. The Bea estate purposefully keeps its production low — so low that demand for its exceptional reds and outrageous whites always exceed supply. Each wine in Bea’s repertoire feels like a chapter in an ongoing story that, once experienced, you never want to stop reading!
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Dominique Massin

D. Massin Champagne Brut Cuvee de Reserve NV 750ml


About Dominique Massin

Just under thirty acres in Ville sur Arce, in Champagne’s Côte des Bars, D. Massin (also known as Dominic Massin) has enviable soils — thick with... limestone that’s typical of the rolling hills of the Barséquanaise region. Massin’s vineyards may be small, but their terroir is mighty. Matriarch Rachel runs the estate with her two children, enologist Tristan and vineyard manager Céline. This family house, founded in 1972, dedicates itself to crafting traditional Champagnes that will make you happy and keep the Earth healthy; all work is performed with adherence to Terras Vitis and HVE2 certifications, French organizations that assure sustainable wine production with high environmental value. Vineyards are planted to a combination of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, and Massin’s traditional Champagnes are made with an eye to purity, elegance, and food friendliness. Hard to find but easy to enjoy, D. Massin Champagne will light up your eyes — and your palate!
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Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Rose’ NV 750ml



Spread across almost 250 acres in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Billecart-Salmon, founded in 1818, remains family owned and operated. This estate supplements its own... grapes with those grown by farmers across 700 more acres situated around Epernay, and Billecart-Salmon crafts seven elegant, finessed bottlings, including some of the best-priced vintage Champagne on the market. Billecart-Salmon harvests its grapes early to ensure an elegant, acidic, and structured Champagne, suitable for aging, and it uses a process known as double cold settling, by which it rests the first press in cold tanks before racking it again to let it settle and precipitate again, thus naturally removing unwanted solids, and wild yeasts. This Champagne estate even uses horses and sheep to help tend to its Clos Saint-Hilaire vineyard! Aging takes place in Billecart-Salmon’s chalk caves, which extend more than a mile underground and date to the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Helmed by Mathieu Roland-Billecart and overseen by cellar master Florent Nys, Billecart-Salmon makes Champagne worthy of a celebration, wedding, or anniversary.
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