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Giuseppe Quintarelli

Giuseppe Quintarelli Rosso del Bepi Veneto IGT 2014 1.5L


About Giuseppe Quintarelli

Founded in 1924, the Giuseppe Quintarelli estate entered its modern age when Giuseppe, or Bepi, took control in 1950. Bepi recognized the potential... hidden within his 27 acres of basalt-and-limestone vineyards, and he sought to bring out the very best in his Amarone and Valpolicella. Under Bepi’s care, Quintarelli’s wines changed the face of the global wine map. Focusing on quality over quantity, Bepi single-handedly refashioned Valpolicella into a highly desirable wine; he made his estate’s Amarone into one of the most collectable wines on the planet; and he introduced Alzero, Italy’s best Cabernet — and that’s just the most remarkable achievements. Bepi passed away in 2012, but he left his estate in the hands of his children, notably his daughter Franca and her husband Giampaolo Grigoli, who continue in the footsteps of her father, assuring that the spellbinding wines of Giuseppe Quintarelli never lose their magic.
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