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Joseph Loriot-Pagel

Joseph Loriot-Pagel Special Club Champagne Brut 2014 750ml

Joseph Loriot-Pagel: “If I wasn’t a winegrower, I would be a chef” says the owner, Joseph, about himself. Intensely passionate about Champagne, the land and the traditions of this little corner... of France, Joseph Loriot-Pagel makes some unbelievable Champagnes across the board, but has produced a little masterpiece of 100% Meunier solely for export to the US. Aged five years and with e mere 3600 bottles produced, this vintage champagne, created exclusively for the Club Trésors de Champagne, is a rhapsody to the sweet, fruity crispness of Meunier, the signature of the grape variety of the Festigny vineyard. The 6th generation estate, founded in 1890, has provided most of their supply of bubbles, about 85%, mainly to France for decades and with the unique creation of the 2014 Brut they are bringing some extreme competition to the US Champagne market. You will be absolutely stunned at what is in this bottle!
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