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Grosjean Vins

Grosjean Vins Montmary Metodo Classico Rose Extra Brut 2021 750ml


About Grosjean Vins

You could accurately call Grosjean Vins heroic. First, the Grosjean family moved from Savoy, France, to Fornet, a village high in the mountains of... Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, in 1630 to repopulate the area, which had been decimated by plague. There, they eked out a precarious livelihood, stockpiling chestnuts and other subsistence foods to get them through the region’s punishing winters. Though they’d long made wine for themselves, the Grosjean family began selling its wines only in 1969, when Dauphin Grosjean was persuaded to enter his personal wines in a local expo, and the response made the family into fulltime winemakers. The 17 acres of Grosjean vineyards are themselves heroic, according to local criteria: the tiny vineyard plots are terraced, pitched at a 30% grade or higher, and rest above 1,640 feet above sea level. Here, the Grosjean family, five siblings and a few cousins, grow their grapes organically, vinify their wines traditionally, and release fewer than 1,200 cases of wine each year to their many fans. It’s a heroic task, and worthy of toasting.
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