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Ornellaia Bolgheri Superiore 2020 750ml



Though Ornellaia entered the Super-Tuscan field later than Sassicaia and Solaia, Ornellaia made up for lost time with global impact, and today, Ornellaia’s... flagship and other wines are hot commodities on the fine wine market. Ornellaia’s 244 acres sit in Bolgheri, just a few miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the estate’s holdings are split between two parcels, a 100-acre parcel located in a natural bowl near the state-of-the-art cantina and the remaining acres in the Bellaria subzone closer to the sea. This assortment of microclimates, supported by soils that range from stony to clayey to loamy, offers ideal growing conditions to its predominantly Bordeaux-style grape varietals. Since 2005, the Frescobaldi family has owned and operated Ornellaia, and Axel Heinz has served as the company’s chief winemaker, running the Ornellaia operation with a painstaking eye for detail and dedication to his craft.
Giuseppe Rinaldi

Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Cannubi S.Lorenzo – Ravera 2007 750ml


About Giuseppe Rinaldi

Known to his peers as “Citrico,” or the acerbic one, Giuseppe Rinaldi, who died in 2018, held fast to his strong opinions. Beppe believed in growing... his grapes organically, and though he was one of the founders of ViniVeri, the natural Italian wine consortium, he never bothered to get his wines certified organic. Despite the fad for cru expressions — and despite owning parcels in three of Barolo’s best sites, Cannubi, Brunate, Le Coste, and Ravera — Beppe believed in the primacy of blended Barolo. Literally turning his back on fashion, Beppe had a barrique turned into a chair, affixing a sign saying that this was the only good use for barrique. Above all, Beppe believed in traditional, ultra-long-aging Barolo, and he made his wine as his grandfather did, fermenting in tini, or tall oak vats, using no temperature control, relying on manual punch downs, and aging his wines in giant botti for years. After his passing, Beppe’s daughters, Carlotta and Marta, assumed control of the estate, and they continue to make wines that their father, their grandfather, and their great-grandfather would recognize. Giuseppe Rinaldi crafts serious, timeless, remarkable Barolo, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and other quintessentially Piemontese bottlings — some things will never change, and for this, the wine world is grateful.
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