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Giuseppe Quintarelli

Giuseppe Quintarelli Ca del Merlo Veneto IGT 2016 1.5L


About Giuseppe Quintarelli

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the Giuseppe Quintarelli estate has been patiently crafting game-changing wines from its 27 acres in... the Veneto. Giuseppe, or “Bepi,” seemed to be a magician, and his natural talent, along with high quality vineyards, gave the Quintarelli estate an edge. Bepi’s concept of vintage approval and strict grape selection rivaled even the great chateaux of Sauternes; he patiently let his wines rest in large Slovenian oak casks until they finished their fermentations; and he waited to release his wines until he thought they were the best they could be. Bepi died in 2012, but he trained his daughter Franca and her husband Giampaolo Grigoli to make wine as he did: wonderfully, magically, and with little fanfare. Today’s Quintarelli estate follows Bepi’s patient, high-quality, low-quantity winemaking practices — thus Quintarelli wines are always in painfully small quantity and in super-high quality. Quintarelli’s limited-production Amarones and Valpolicellas have long been the epitome of excellence, and the estate’s Primofiore, Rosso del Bepi, and Ca’ del Merlo are lesser-known, compelling beauties.
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