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Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Royal Tokaji Wine Company Tokaji Essencia 2007 375ml


About Royal Tokaji Wine Company

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company is both rather new and very old. Founded only in 1990, Royal Tokaji came about when noted wine writer Hugh... Johnson recognized that, following the fall of the Soviet Empire, Hungary’s wineries were ripe for a resurgence. Hugh joined with local winemaker Istvan Szepsy, a bunch of local winegrowers, and a group of investors to form Royal Tojaji, and history was both made and reborn. The Tokaji region in Hungary has centuries of wine history, and it lays claim to being the birthplace of the world’s first botrytized sweet wine (probably in the early 17th century, but no one knows the exact year). Royal Tokaji, located in the village of Mád, about 150 miles northeast of Budapest, is dedicated to crafting a range of traditional, high quality Tokaji wines — from dry to sweet — with a collective of more than 60 local winegrowers, the most famous being Essencia, a rare and exquisite wine customarily served from a crystal spoon.
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