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Cantina del Taburno

Cantina del Taburno Aglianico del Taburno Fidelis 2017 750ml

Aglianico del Tabruno Fidelis 2017 The 2017 Aglianico Fidelis took me by surprise. I usually only like dry, tannic Aglianicos from Mastroberardino, for example, but I had this bottle before my... tasting on Wed. We opened it the night before with some pizza and the two of us drank the whole bottle without even realizing it. The secret of this wine? There a 10% blend of Sangiovese and Merlot that helps keep the racy and super structured Aglianico grape in check; I was floored. This simple wine drank seamlessly, was balanced, was fruit forward enough to caress the palate but not overly so. The supple, opulent quality is met with elevated acidity thanks to the vineyard altitudes ranging from 650ft to 2000ft. At $18 per bottle you get all this?? Yes please.
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Cantina del Taburno Falanghina del Sannio Taburno 2019 750ml

Falanghina di Sannio 2019 This wine has the most stunning floral nose, intertwined with peaches, tangerine and lemon grass. I am so picky with my Falanghina’s, they are usually too dull and boring... or they are over aromatic and fruity; this wine is just right. A glistening, light gold color in the glass, this wine has a wonderful freshness and acidity that persists for a few moments and delivers a nice, clean finish. A perfect pair with seafood, fish or any manner of appetizer including cold, grilled veggies in the summer. When I tased this, I was transported to my favorite restaurant by the beach in Pescara and am dreaming of having this next to Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with white clam sauce); my mouth is watering!
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