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Claude Dugat La Gibryotte

Claude Dugat La Gibryotte Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 2015 750ml


About Domaine Claude Dugat

A true cult Burgundy estate, Domaine Claude Dugat has less than 15 acres of vines in the Côte de Nuits, and they own only half, and the estate... tends their vines so that they produce very small, very concentrated berries. These small, concentrated berries make for intense, detailed, concentrated Burgundies, and these Burgundies bring Domaine Claude Dugat a legion of fans. Founded in 1955 when Maurice Dugat, Claude’s father, purchased the Grange des Dimes, a stone building built in 1219 to house the tithings of local farmers, but it entered its modern era in 1991, when Claude assumed control of the estate, immediately impressing the wine world with his skills. Claude has handed off the day-to-day running of his estate to his son, Bertrand, and his two daughters, Laetitia and Jeanne. Bertrand has strayed little from his father’s Burgundy styling, and the organic Domaine Claude Duget, as well as the family’s smaller négociant arm, La Gibryotte, continue to craft tremendous Burgundy wines in tantalizingly small quantities.
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