Purchasing and Delivery of Wine (Conditions of Sale)

Your acceptance of these Conditions of Sale will be acknowledged by the creation of an online account at dvnowine.com, DVNO Wine, for all orders placed on our website, each time you place an order. By accepting these Retail Conditions of Sale, you are accepting them for the duration of your buying relationship with DVNO Wine. These Conditions of Sale will also apply to any retail purchases you make over the phone or through email should you choose to. We will notify you of changes to our Conditions of Sale as they may occur in the future. We appreciate your business and thank you for taking time to read and understand this document.

By placing an order for wine spirits, the Buyer warrants that they are at least 21 years of age, and that the recipient of any delivery of the wine will be at least 21 years of age. We do NOT ship to P.O. Boxes.

Except for orders described in the next paragraph, title to and ownership of wine and/or other products from DVNO Wine (Seller) to Buyer in California, and Buyer takes all responsibility for the product being transported from the state of sale to the buyer’s selected destination. Buyer may pick up the product at a seller’s warehouse location or make independent delivery arrangements. Sales tax will be applied based on the Buyer’s location. Seller makes no representation as to the legal rights of anyone to deliver or import any alcoholic beverages or other goods into any state. Buyer warrants he or she is solely responsible for the transport of the purchased products and for determining the legality and the tax/duty consequences of bringing the products to the buyer’s chosen destination. All taxes, duties, and/or tariffs imposed at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and must be remitted prior to the release of the wines and/or products.

For orders going to states in which Seller holds a direct to consumer shipping permit or which otherwise permit the direct shipment of wine, title to and ownership of the product passes from Seller to Buyer in the state from which the product is shipped or at the port of exit, as applicable, and any applicable taxes may be applied based on the requirements of such location.

We urge customers to investigate the laws in your state or country regarding this subject before shipping or arranging to ship any wine purchased from us. Buyer will be assessed a 10% return/restocking fee should any order be returned to DVNO Wine due to but not limited to the following: no person at least 21 years of age at the address; the address provided is not valid; the shipment is refused by the recipient.

If DVNO Wine, for any reason, is unable to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer, DVNO Wine’s sole obligation and the Buyer’s sole recourse shall be a store credit or refund of the purchase price.

DVNO Wine makes no warranty, expressed or implied, about the wine being sold except that DVNO Wine is conveying clear title to the wine and, to DVNO Wine’s knowledge, the wine is what its label describes it to be. Specifically, because wine by its nature is subject to change in the bottle over time, DVNO Wine makes no warranty or guaranty of the quality or drinkability of any wine sold, but only to its being of good provenance.


This contract is entered into in California and shall be enforceable thereunder the laws of that State.

DVNO Wine prices are good while supplies last. Discount and/or promotions cannot be applied to previous purchases, futures or gift orders. DVNO Wine reserves the right to correct errors on pricing and to limit quantities ordered. Prices subject to change without notice. DVNO Wine is not responsible for typographical errors.

All orders are subject to confirmation by DVNO Wine. Order processing time is contingent upon payment authorization and does not include weekends or holidays. Please allow up to 48 hours for our delivery team to coordinate your order upon completion of payment.

By submitting your order for confirmation, you hereby represent to DVNO Wine that you understand these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them in connection with this transaction. The placing and accepting of an order shall form a contract on these terms, conditional upon confirmation of the order by DVNO Wine, which may be evidenced by the delivery of an invoice.

Payment is due upon order confirmation. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, check, or wire transfer. When paying by check please allow five business days for processing. DVNO Wine will not transfer title to any goods until full payment is received. By providing your credit card number, you authorize DVNO Wine to charge your credit card for the costs associated with your wine and/or spirits purchase as described in these Terms and Conditions (for example, for purchase price, tax, redelivery, other fees/charges). The DVNO Wine charge will appear on your statement immediately following placement of your order. By authorizing DVNO Wine to charge your credit card, you acknowledge and agree to be financially responsible for any and all charges incurred in connection with your transaction. Yoalcoku hereby warrant and represent that you have the authority to legally bind the cardholder as set forth herein.

Wine Club

By becoming a Wine Club member, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact info@dvnowine.com.

Members are entitled to receive selected monthly wines (or such other designated wines as applicable to the particular membership) and additional benefits as provided. Benefits are presented in detail at dvnowine.com. Benefits may not be the same for all members, and some special promotional offers, benefits and communications may be based on a variety of factors. In order to be eligible for benefits, your account must be in good standing and current fees must have been paid. Abuse of club membership may result in termination of your membership and disqualify you from future Wine Club participation. Member benefits are non-transferable, once membership has been purchased. Member discounts and benefits are not valid with other special offers or discounts offered.

All members acknowledge that the selected featured monthly wines are limited in quantities and may not always be available at the time of shipping. DVNO Wine cannot guarantee that the wine(s) of the month will be available at a later date. DVNO Wine may substitute another wine for any wine that is no longer available, without any adjustments or refund.

Wine will be sent monthly, starting the first week of the month following the date of purchase. There will be no exchanges allowed for shipped wines, except as set forth in this paragraph. If your wine, at the time of delivery, is received damaged, spoiled or otherwise defective, you may contact us regarding the damage and we may, at our discretion and based on the particular conditions of each such circumstance, send a replacement in exchange, which is your sole and exclusive remedy for a damaged or defective product. Shipping charges will not be refunded, and additional shipping or other charges resulting from missed deliveries that are returned as undeliverable or refused.

All membership fees and associated charges (such as taxes and shipping charges, if any) are automatically billed to your credit card. Club benefits are activated immediately following registration, and members receive the monthly package in the next month after registration. If your membership includes shipment of wine, the wine is shipped monthly, charges are made on a monthly basis, unless subscribed with the annual membership. If you have purchased a gift membership, the fees for the entire period of the gift membership are charged up front. All fees charged are non-refundable except as set forth in these Terms.

All memberships, except for gift memberships (which last of the specified term of the gift membership), are on a month to month basis, and your membership automatically renews each month on the last calendar day of the month preceding the month when the wine is available for pickup.  If you wish to cancel your membership, you must let us know by emailing info@dvnowine.com at least seven (7) days before the renewal date, preceding the month for which your cancellation is to be effective. Any fees already charged for a Wine Club membership, are non-refundable. 

It is your responsibility to inform DVNO Wine of any changes to your membership account and information. Changes to your membership account and information, other than cancellations, can be made by contacting info@dvnowine.com. All changes, including cancellations, must be received at least seven (7) days prior to any charge or shipment in order to be effective. Additional fees may apply for any cancellations or changes not submitted in time.

Taxes and other related charges may vary by state and location and may be changed by DVNO Wine without prior notice.

If we are unable to ship your wine to you due to changes in alcohol and wine related laws, you will be offered the option to change your membership or cancel your membership and receive a refund of any portion of the membership fees affected by said change(s).

All merchandise from DVNO Wine is sold in California and title passes to the buyer in California. By placing your order and/or joining DVNO Wine Club, you authorize DVNO Wine to engage a common carrier on your behalf to deliver the merchandise to your specified address. We make no representation as to the legal right of anyone to ship or import wines into any state or country outside of California. When selecting to ship to another state, you assume all responsibility for determining whether you may lawfully import alcoholic beverages into that state. As interstate shipping laws are continually changing, please check with an appropriate agency before placing your order. 

Please note that interstate and international shipments may incur additional taxes and tariffs from the final destination location. These additional fees are the responsibility of the customer. 

Any shipment of alcohol must be signed for by an adult that is 21 years or older. No exceptions. Alcohol shipments are sent with an “Adult Signature Required” stipulation, and the common carrier used for delivery is required to ask for and verify ID before delivering merchandise. Many of our customers select to have shipments sent to a business address in lieu of a residential address to avoid missed delivery attempts. As a result of the required adult signature, we DO NOT ship to P.O. Boxes.

In the event of any circumstances outside of the control of DVNO Wine and which prevent, hinder or delay DVNO Wine from performing its obligations, including but not limited to acts of God, earthquakes, floods, severe weather conditions, pandemics, viruses, or other natural calamities, strikes, insurrection or acts of terror, governmental action or inaction, including delays or failure to issue permits and authorizations or an inability to obtain supply and materials or means of shipping, DVNO Wine may suspend its obligations for the term of such event or DVNO Wine may elect to cancel the Club or Club membership for the affected members.

DVNO Wine requires certain personal information from you to administer your membership, and you agree that you have freely provided that information. You authorize DVNO Wine to send you marketing communications and special offers as part of your membership benefits.

Shipping & Delivery

Please allow up to 48 hours (72 hours during Holiday Season) for our delivery team to coordinate your order upon completion of payment. Same-day truck or messenger service is also available upon request and based on location. Please call us to arrange. Additional charges may apply. During Specials and Promotions, qualifying orders may receive Complementary Delivery.

California State

Shipping time is 1 to 2 days, once the order and package is processed. Please allow up to 48 hours for our delivery team to coordinate your order upon completion of payment. Express delivery is also available, at an additional charge. Please call to arrange.

Outside of California State

As noted in the Conditions of Sale, compliance with state and local regulations outside of California regarding the transportation of alcohol are the responsibility of the Buyer. Dvnowine.com permits all orders within the continental U.S. to be submitted via checkout, except for the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Utah. Upon review of your order our customer service team may contact you to discuss possible applicable delivery options.

Weather Alerts – Extreme Weather

If you opt to have your product shipped during extreme weather, DVNO Wine will not be held responsible.
If you opt to have your product held for a later ship date, please see our policies below on holding your order.

Orders Held for Later Ship Date

At the company’s discretion, DVNO Wine may hold orders for a later ship date. All in-stock orders are processed immediately with the understanding that the order is to be delivered unless arrangements are made in advance to schedule a later ship date.  In addition, DVNO Wine may choose to hold delivery of an order due to weather conditions that may adversely affect the wine.
In the case where an order is held for a later ship date, DVNO Wine will hold the order in our warehouse for a maximum of 90 days, free of charge. After one order from the buyer exceeds 90 days holding, all orders held in our warehouse for the Buyer are automatically transferred to Vintage Wine Warehouse, a professional wine storage company, where monthly storage fees of $10 per box plus applicable taxes may apply.

Arrival of Pre-Arrival/Futures Orders

Orders that were placed for pre-arrival wines/futures will automatically be set aside in our warehouse upon delivery.
A notification will be sent to the email address on file regarding wine arrival and to coordinate delivery. At this time, the order will be considered an order held for a later ship date and the above terms apply.

Abandoned Orders

Orders that have been held for a later ship date and exceed the complementary 90 day hold will automatically be transferred to Vintage Wine Warehouse, as noted above.
After the wine is held for a total of 12 months, and after at least three total attempts to reach you at the number and/or email you provided us with, you will be given a final email notice and notice sent via certified mail. You will have 15 days from the date of receipt of the certified notice to arrange with DVNO Wine a delivery date.  If you fail to do so, we will return all of your wine to our inventory and cease all attempts to arrange delivery.

Shipping Insurance

Wines being shipped on Buyer’s or agents of Buyer’s accounts will only be covered by DVNO Wine’s insurance policy until they leave the DVNO Wine warehouse/store, not while in transit. Due to the fragile nature of vintage wine, DVNO Wine strongly recommends that Buyers arrange for collection from DVNO Wine.
Wines must be inspected by the Buyer upon receipt and any loss or breakage must be noted in writing on the delivery documents at the time of delivery. If DVNO Wine is not notified of any breakage or loss claims within 24 hours of delivery, the claim will not be honored.  If the Buyer or an agent of the Buyer will not be able to receive and inspect the shipment upon delivery, the shipment should be scheduled for another date. If the loss or breakage is not noted on the delivery documents and if DVNO Wine is not notified of a claim of loss or breakage within 24 hours of delivery, the claim will not be honored.

Shipping of Non-Wine Items

We offer free shipping on all orders over $199 of non-wine merchandise, including accessories, glassware, books, etc. It is shipped free via ground service anywhere in the continental United States. Mandatory shipping insurance of 1.5% is applied to all glassware orders.

International Shipping

If you wish to place an order for delivery outside the United States, we will do our best to arrange it. The minimum charge is $200; the actual charge will depend on its destination, weight and value. The customer is responsible for knowing the laws pertaining to alcohol shipments of the country to which the wine and/or spirits is being sent. Any duty and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer, though we may be able to expedite this. Shipments are usually made via air and are sent to the nearest airport or to your door, depending on destination. Please call us for international orders at (707) 806-0900.

Order Processing

Our web site is monitored Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. It takes approximately up to 48 hours to process your order, and then it is usually shipped out within 1 to 2 business days after processing. If you have a need for delivery by a certain date or need rush service, please be sure to contact us at (707) 806-0900. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Bottle Conditions

To the best of our knowledge, all wines sold by DVNO Wine were properly stored before being delivered to our temperature and humidity-controlled cellar. However, buyers of older and more fragile wines must make proper allowances for natural variations of ullage and general condition. Wines less than 10 years of age can be assumed to be in generally excellent condition unless otherwise indicated. Every bottle in our “Wine Vault” has been carefully inspected by our experts and described as accurately as possible at the time the wines were added to our retail inventory. As is tradition in the wine trade, all bottles 10 years or older are purchased at the buyer’s risk. As outlined below, cancellations, exchanges and/or returns are solely at the discretion of DVNO Wine.

Pre-Arrival Items and/or Futures

Unless otherwise noted, all items sold on dvnowine.com are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.  Items that are not in-stock, including Bordeaux Futures, are noted as Pre-Arrival on our website.

While we guarantee the delivery of pre-arrival wines, there are numerous factors in the arrival date of these items to our warehouse. DVNO Wine does its best to estimate the expected arrival times of your wine, but cannot guarantee specific arrival dates. Please keep in mind, delays can arise unexpectedly and that proper storage and transport are paramount to ensuring the quality of our wines. If at any time you feel you need to cancel your pre-arrival order, you may do so. We will refund you the original purchase price less a 10% cancellation fee.

Cancellation, Exchange & Return Policies

    • DVNO Wine, in its own discretion, reserves the right, for whatever reason, to refuse  to cancel an order or to accept a return or exchange of items.
    • DVNO Wine does not offer refunds or exchanges on any order delivered internationally; nor does DVNO Wine refund or replace any wines over 10 years of age.
    • DVNO Wine strongly believes that proper storage is crucial to maintain the quality of wine; and realizes that it is not able to control how wine is stored after it leaves our store/warehouse. Therefore, returns and/or exchanges are at the discretion of DVNO Wine and are subject to product inspection.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled orders are orders that that have not yet been delivered but finalized charges have been issued. When cancelling an order a restocking fee of 10% will be assessed at the time of the issuance of a credit. Specially ordered products cannot be cancelled once payment authorization has been obtained. All cancellations are at the discretion of DVNO Wine.

Exchange Policy

Exchanges are not permitted, except in special circumstances at the discretion of DVNO Wine. In the case of an exchange permitted by DVNO Wine, purchased items are only accepted within 10 days of the purchase date and must have a sales receipt or valid packing slip. Specially order products and wine over 10 years of age cannot be exchanged. All Exchanges are subject to product inspection and are at the discretion of DVNO Wine.

Return Policy

    • Returned orders are any order that has been delivered and then returned or declined upon delivery. A restocking fee of 10% of the sales amount is assessed upon all returned orders.
    • Returned purchases are only accepted within 30 days of the purchase date with valid receipt and/or packing slip.  Product may not be returned without a receipt or packing slip. Specially ordered products and wines and/or spirits over 10 years of age cannot be returned.  All returns are subject to product inspection and are at the discretion of DVNO Wine.
    • Refunds are issued only to credit cards used during original purchase.  Cash purchases and/or Gift Orders being granted return will be provided store credit valid for 1 year.

Returns Based On Defects

DVNO Wine will gladly accept the return of wines and spirits within 45 days of purchase that show defects such as cork taint. To assess if the bottle was flawed, DVNO Wine needs the bottle returned still containing two-thirds of the contents to verify the defect. Returns based on defect are at the discretion of DVNO Wine.  If the same product is available, you will be offered a replacement. If the wine and/or spirits is no longer available, you will be issued a store credit valid for 1 year. Credits and/or replacements will not be granted without the bottle returned.

Special Orders

Special orders or specially ordered product are items that have been acquired specifically by DVNO Wine at the client’s request as they were not a regularly stocked item at the time of purchase.  Specially ordered product cannot be cancelled or returned. Specially ordered items include special size requests for pre-arrivals or futures.

Online Credit Card Limit Policy

Purchases by Credit Cards may not exceed $25,000. Remaining balances can be paid by check or wire transfer. Contact our Wine Consultants for bank wire instructions or to make payment arrangements at (707) 806-0900.