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Giacomo Conterno

Giacomo Conterno Barolo 1967 750ml


About Giacomo Conterno

Giacomo Conterno is justifiably famous. This legendary estate is the creator of Barolo Monfortino, not merely one of the world’s greatest wines but... also the first Barolo made in what has come to be known as the “classic style,” but Giacomo Conterno’s renown spreads beyond this marquee, collectable Barolo. After founding the estate in 1908, Giovanni Conterno made the first Barolo Monfortino in 1924. His son, Giacomo, inherited his father’s drive to make a serious, long-aging wine (Giacomo’s brother, Aldo Conterno, shared inheritance of the estate, but split in 1969 to form his own estate). Giacomo continued to rely on négociant grapes until 1974, when he purchased the Cascina Francia vineyard, the famed southwestern-facing 40-acre plot whose calcareous soil and densely planted Nebbiolo vines is home to Barolo Francia, as well as Barolo Monfortino. Upon Giacomo’s passing in 2004, son Roberto assumed control, continuing his legacy of crafting traditional wines of tremendous longevity and unparalleled quality. Roberto added to the estate’s lands by purchasing the historic Cerretta vineyard, as well as other choice plots located in Serralunga. A proud member of the Piemonte old guard, Giacomo Conterno sets the standard for traditional, age-worthy Barolo.
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Cantina Mascarello

Bartolo Mascarello Barolo 1967 750ml

About Bartolo Mascarello

Bartolo Mascarello was an intractable defender of traditional Barolo, the “last of the Mohicans,” in his words. Bartolo made Barolos that... gorgeously embodied their vintage and their terroir, and these supple, powerful, and nuanced wines have captivated their fans for generations. Since Bartolo’s passing in 2005, his daughter Maria Teresa Mascarello has helmed the cantina at 15 Via Roma, the legendary site of the Bartolo Mascarello estate since its founding in 1918, and under her leadership, Mascarello’s Barolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera have grown even finer, subtler, more detailed, and spellbinding. While the Mascarello estate sports enviable holdings in Cannubi, San Lorenzo and Rué, located in the commune of Barolo, as well as in La Morra’s Rocche in the commune of La Morra, it still has never released a cru wine. Blending, Bartolo believed, provided balance, especially in challenging vintages. Maria Teresa sees no reason to change her father’s ways (or those of his father, and his before him). After all, there’s no improving upon perfection.
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DVNO Wine Box Set

Will’s Cellar Trio
(3 btl Box Set)

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Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco DOCG 1967 750ml


About Bruno Giacosa

The “Genius of Neive,” Bruno Giacosa was known as a modern traditionalist. This contradictory phrase nods both to Bruno’s making his Barolo and... Barbaresco with protocol that his winemaking father and grandfather would recognize — and to Bruno’s ingenuity, such as bottling the very first cru expressions in Barbaresco and Barolo. Above all, Bruno believed in power of Piemonte’s “old ways,” growing grapes with noninterventionist methods, fermenting without temperature control, and aging the wine in large oak vats. However, he wasn’t afraid to tinker, shortening his maceration period to about a month, using French rather than Slavonian oak, and giving his wines a lengthier maturation period. Bruno worked to make authentic, age-worthy, and serious Langhe wines, and he was one of the world’s greatest winemakers. Bruno, who passed in January 2018, started working at his father’s winery when he was 13, but he didn’t buy his first plot of land, the Falletto vineyard in Serralunga, until 1982. By that time, he’d been one of Italy’s greatest producers for twenty years, and in 1996, he purchased his lands in the famed Barbaresco plots of Asili and Rabajá, growing the Bruno Giacosa estate to about 49 acres. The Bruno Giacosa estate is best known for its rare “Red Label” releases, the estate’s Riserva bottlings, but it also crafts a range of other indigenous Italian wines, including Freisa, which it helped rescue from extinction. Today, the Bruna Giacosa estate is helmed by daughter Bruna Giacosa, who is aided by her father’s longtime enologist, Dante Scaglione, ensuring that Bruno’s legacy, and his wines, live on.
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