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La Spinetta

La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi 2008 750ml


About La Spinetta

For all its staid traditionalism, Piedmont holds its fair share of revolutionary winemakers. While Angelo Gaja may first spring to mind, La Spinetta... doesn’t lag far behind. Founded in 1977 by three brothers, Georgio, Carlo and Bruno Rivetti, La Spinetta quickly became a cult sensation. With Giorgio at the winemaking helm, the La Spinetta estate swiftly moved from crafting remarkably good Moscato bottlings into crafting outrageous Barbaresco, Barbera, and Barolo wines — all while positioning itself as an incendiary, polarizing figure in Piedmontese winemaking. La Spinetta passionately embraced in methodology that took every tool reviled by the traditionalists — intensive pruning, roto-fermenters, refinement in 100% new barrique. In adopting these techniques, La Spinetta was able to deliver Barbaresco that offered something was previously inconceivable: an immediately drinkable, intense, hedonistic profile. La Spinetta began crafting its ultra-ripe cru Barbaresco bottlings in the mid-1990s, branching out into Barolo in 2000, then moving into Tuscany in 2001, and eventually even adding a méthode champenoise bottling when the estate acquired the historic Contratto winery in 2011. La Spinetta's official motto is "making wines with passion," and the wines of La Spinetta have a heady, commanding, and voluptuous presence; most excitingly, these wines aren’t just the province of collectors, for the estate’s Langhe Nebbiolo and its Barbera d’Asti “Ca’ di Pian” offer tremendous pleasure at everyday pricing.
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