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Castello Bonomi

Castello Bonomi Franciacorta Brut Cru Perdu DOCG 2014 750ml


About Castello Bonomi

The Paladin family, who has been making estate-bottled wine for about 60 years, owns several estates across Italy, from the Veneto to Tuscany, but... perhaps their most famous and most distinct is Castello Bonomi, in Lombardy’s Franciacorta region. With vinicultural history that dates back to medieval Benedictine monks, Franciacorta spans about 5,400 acres, but this rare northern Italian region is devoted to one unique style of wine: the best champagne-styled sparklers that you can find outside of France — indeed, it’s the sole DOCG region that permits classic méthode champenoise sparklers. The family-owned-and-operated Castello Bonomi estate is housed in a gorgeous art deco villa built in the late nineteenth century, and the estate’s vineyards sit on 60 steeply pitched acres in a natural amphitheater that rests at the foot of Mount Orfano. These terraced vineyards enjoy a privileged microclimate that includes limestone-rich soils, southern exposures, excellent drainage, and pure sunlight. These elements provide the raw materials that Castello Bonomi’s Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes need, while a strict green harvest, low yields, and stringent grape sorting help the estate’s team craft a range of terroir-driven, award-winning Franciacorta wines.
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Paolo Bea

Paolo Bea Santa Chiara Umbria Bianco IGT 2014 750ml


About Paolo Bea

Founded more than 400 years ago, Paolo Bea dedicates itself to indigenous Umbrian grapes —Grechetto, Malvasia, Gargenega and Trebbiano for its whites, and... Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Sagrantino for its reds. The family-owned-and-operated Bea estate has long been a standard bearer of the Italian Slow Food Movement, and its motto is "Nature should be observed, listened to and integrated, not dominated. Wine is not made by man but generated by nature!" Because of this dedication to natural viniculture and viticulture, Bea’s team nurtures its grapes with organic, non-interventionist agriculture, and it continues that reliance on nature in the cellar, crafting its wines without temperature control and without any additives, yeasts, fining or filtration. The septuagenarian Paolo Bea is still the guiding force behind the estate, and he shares his traditional approach with his two sons: Giuseppe farms the vineyards, and Giampiero, current president of the Italian natural wine society Viniveri, heads up the winemaking. The Bea estate purposefully keeps its production low — so low that demand for its exceptional reds and outrageous whites always exceed supply. Each wine in Bea’s repertoire feels like a chapter in an ongoing story that, once experienced, you never want to stop reading!
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Dal Forno Romano

Dal Forno Romano Vigneto Monte Lodoletta Valpolicella Superiore 2014 750ml

Vigneto Monte Lodoletta Valpolicella Superiore 2014 In the challenging 2014 vintage, Dal Forno opted against making any Amarone and decided to focus on its Valpolicella Superiore. This stunning,... complex wine shows the wisdom of that choice! Oscillating between sweet cherries and tart blackberries, bright acidity and intense dry extract, juicy fruits and savory underpinnings, this wine is a marvel. Notes of cigar wrapper, licorice, Christmas cake, chocolate and game ebb and flow. This broad-shouldered beauty is nimble and powerful — an absolute must that will drink for decades.
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La Spinetta

La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi 2014 750ml


About La Spinetta

For all its staid traditionalism, Piedmont holds its fair share of revolutionary winemakers. While Angelo Gaja may first spring to mind, La Spinetta... doesn’t lag far behind. Founded in 1977 by three brothers, Georgio, Carlo and Bruno Rivetti, La Spinetta quickly became a cult sensation. With Giorgio at the winemaking helm, the La Spinetta estate swiftly moved from crafting remarkably good Moscato bottlings into crafting outrageous Barbaresco, Barbera, and Barolo wines — all while positioning itself as an incendiary, polarizing figure in Piedmontese winemaking. La Spinetta passionately embraced in methodology that took every tool reviled by the traditionalists — intensive pruning, roto-fermenters, refinement in 100% new barrique. In adopting these techniques, La Spinetta was able to deliver Barbaresco that offered something was previously inconceivable: an immediately drinkable, intense, hedonistic profile. La Spinetta began crafting its ultra-ripe cru Barbaresco bottlings in the mid-1990s, branching out into Barolo in 2000, then moving into Tuscany in 2001, and eventually even adding a méthode champenoise bottling when the estate acquired the historic Contratto winery in 2011. La Spinetta's official motto is "making wines with passion," and the wines of La Spinetta have a heady, commanding, and voluptuous presence; most excitingly, these wines aren’t just the province of collectors, for the estate’s Langhe Nebbiolo and its Barbera d’Asti “Ca’ di Pian” offer tremendous pleasure at everyday pricing.
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